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I am Russian, i was born there. I been here in WA Seattle area for 20 years thats most of my life. I been traveling back to Russia . What i notice here in USA, allot ignorant people, uneducated, most of you don't know History! Makes me wanna think, what this country teaching people to hate people and not history! What are we becoming here in this Gods country USA Hitler ? Nazzi ? In 1930's Hitler remove Bible from schools, You Americans remove bible from school!!! I go out to local meetings, hang out places, when i say i am RUSSIAN people thinks Russian are bad ??? WHy ? who teach you guys that ? Your mother father teach to you hate ? Time to wake up from cold era and from the movies "russians are coming" !! You dumb fucks Russians are already here! Will bring little more people and will choose our own president! So here i am, i wanna share this with some of you , so you may spread the love of people and not hate! Dosent metter who you are Russian , American, German we all need to spread love! :) You might been born here in US all this means to me is your fathers boat got here sooner then mine!
Interests: here is a little bit about me and what i am looking for on here . I wanna be straight forward , i am atracted to a white man only! Only white sexi man ! Please no black, mexican or asian. This is my preference so please keep on walking.

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